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Biosphere Before and After Logo


Case Study - Logo Re-Design; Biosphere Landscape.

Many companies struggle with the idea of enhancing and/or modernizing their logo without losing hard-earned recognition and equity created by years of exposure and marketing. Recently, PearTree Design utilized their years of logo design expertise and marketing skills to accomplish such an objective.

After being awarded Biosphere's design and marketing account (succesfully beating out 15 other firms), the first project assigned to our team was the Biosphere logo re-design. The challenge: create a design that retained the "recognition" built by the original design and trusted by so many clients.

After generating dozens of concepts (see examples below), Biosphere instantly fell in love with the design shown above. The re-design successfully implements key elements from the original design into a crisp, clean, modern redesign.

What's more, PearTre Design was charged with creating Biosphere's tagline, to capture Biosphere's mission in just a few words. While we cannot disclose the many taglines generated, the winnner, "outside possibilities", is a resoundingly successful example of brevity and wit in a tagline.

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View Biosphere Logo Examples:

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