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Direct mail postcard design promoting summer membership

TainBoston Postcard
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Case Study - Train Boston health and fitness.

When PearTree Design approached Train Boston to help improve their direct mail efforts, new membership enrollment for the club was lackluster. TB had been working with a company in California that specialized in marketing for fitness clubs. However, the cookie-cutter approach emplored by the company resulted in only marginal results, at best. Nevertheless, Train Boston had stayed with them - mostly because of their low pricing - having done so many direct mail campaigns for so many clubs.

PearTree Design was emplored with the task of creating a campaign that would increase new membership, without increasing costs. Our team began by creating a custom tailored design that highlighted the strengths and benefits of Train Boston - at no charge up front (on spec). Our reps worked at getting the best list available - the key to all good direct mailers - along with competitive printing prices. Our design and proposal was met with excitement and anticipation - for the first time TB felt as though they had a direct mail campaign that actually reflected the image of the company, at an overall lower price than they were paying.

In a few short weeks, the first TB postcard designed by PearTree Design went out and memebership increased almost overnight. By the third month, new memberships had risen from an average of 20 per month to over 70 per month, making the direct mail campaign the most successful the club had ever mailed.

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