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A word about logo design

If you're serious about your business, you should be serious about your businesses' image. Trusting your company's image to gimicky contests, amateur designers, or "$99" logos could be a big mistake. If a company is promising 20 designs in 48 hours, be wary. A logo that properly targets your target audience and successfully positions your company requires thought and creativity.

Generally speaking, when working with these "low-cost" logo companies, pre-fab graphics created by amateur or "sideline" designers are used to create generic, unimaginitave logo solutions. More importantly, the designs will have virutally nothing to do with you or your specific business. The result will be to position your company side-by-side with a thousand others that use a similarly cute, cookie-cutter graphic.

At PearTree Design we've been designing logos for over 18 years and we believe your logo should not be left to chance by a random contest or created from (gasp!) clipart. We're an award-winning design firm providing one-on-one consultations, a dedicated team of experienced designers, and logo solutions that are suited to your business goals. We answer the phone, respond to emails and work until you are 100% satisfied with your corporate image.

Finding a graphic designer that truly understands what makes a successful logo is challenging (many rely on fleeting trends and dazzling effects that will soon be as outdated as the computers they were created on). At PearTree Design, we rely on introspection and honed design skills to develop logo designs that are beautiful, compelling and timeless.

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