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When considering a color scheme for your company's branded marketing materials, remember that your choice of colors can have significant impact on the success or failure of your advertising campaigns.


Be sure to give due diligence in exploring the influences of specific colors on your target market, and design your branded marketing materials accordingly, so as to resonate with those consumers you most want to attract with your brand.


Remember to be mindful of these general color energies as part of your research:

  • Red – strength, power, passion, love, urgency, energy, flamboyance, excitement
  • Pink – femininity, gentility, softness, passivity, romance, calmness, fragility, friendship
  • Orange – energy, enthusiasm, joy, fun, warmth, creativity, clarity
  • Yellow – optimism, cheerfulness, hope, happiness, energy, confidence
  • Blue – serenity, trustworthiness, responsibility, efficiency, friendliness, intelligence, security
  • Green –warmth, life, nature, growth, environment, goodwill, fertility, health, wealth
  • Purple – royalty, luxury, prestige, elegance, wisdom, dignity, mystery, creativity
  • Gold – luxury, prestige, wealth, quality, pedigree, wisdom, illumination, energy
  • White – purity, innocence, goodness, light, hygiene, efficiency, perfection
  • Black – power, prestige, drama, sophistication, formality, elegance, mystery, security
  • Brown – stability, masculinity, comfort, earthiness, nature

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