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Don't outspend your competition, just out think them.

Creating smarter graphic designs that cut through the clutter and make an impact, PearTree Design is a Boston Massachuestts based, award-winning graphic design firm capable of fulfilling all of your business creative needs — from logo design, web site, design, brochure design, signage, catalog design and more..

We have one objective - to provide superior graphic design and branding services that help drive sales and create memorable brands for businesses of all sizes.

We accomplish this through:

  • Cleaner designs that cut through the clutter and get noticed
  • Proven response mechanisms
  • Expert direct mail design that qualifies for the best postage and mailing rates available
  • Well thought out designs that make an impact and drive response.
  • Professional, cost-effective printing

Experience, creativity and efficiency are the cornerstones of our design team. Whether you have your own ideas of what you are looking for, or need fresh ones with a new perspective, we are ready to work with you.

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featured services

Logo Design

At PearTree Design, we take a sensible approach to logo design. Before ever putting pen to paper, we first take time to understand your business market and logo objectives. We then research market trends and create designs specifically for your company - no "cookie cutter" or pre-fab designs here. Unlike other companies, which may limit designs and use pre-made graphics, every design we create is unique. What's more, we only charge 25% of the total fee in advance.

Website Design

With our talented team of web designers, developers and animators, there is no project or website design we can't handle. From the very beginning, you will notice a difference in our approach. We provide custom designs and we provide unlimited revisions for the design. We then build out your site, keeping you involved every step of the way. We also provide SEO services to get your site seen.

Brochure and Media Kit Design

Having designed and printed dozens upon dozens of company brochures, we offer more than just creative design services, we also provide smart tips on the best size, shape and printing options for your company brochure. When your business really needs to stand out and have an enduring presence, turn to PearTree Design to create a dynamic brochure design that brands your company.

Direct Mail - case study

Postage. Printing. Mailing lists. And of course, design. These are critical elements that can make or break a direct mail campaign and you need a company that not only understands those elements, but knows how to manage and control them. With roots deeply embedded in direct mail, no one knows better how to provide you with the best R.O.I. for you direct mailer. From list selection, to effective design, to the best postage rates, trust PearTree Design to provide the solution.

Print Advertising

Print advertising offers its own unique set of challenges for designers. The rules are different and you need a design firm that understands that. For instance, did you know that in any given magazine or newspaper, most viewers will only read about 10% of all advertising? When we set out to create an ad, we first begin by learning the media and the audience, and then we design the ad around those demographics, giving your business the best chance to get noticed.

Branding, Signage and Packaging

Having a great logo is only one element to successful corporate identity. In order to fully complete the branding, creative solutions need to be incorporated consistently across all marketing elements, such as package designs, brochure designs, truck and building signage and website design. PearTree Design can work with your current logo and branding, or create exciting, dynamic new solutions for you to create a cohesive, impressive branding campaign.