A List of the Top E-Commmerce Design Firms You Should Work With

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E-commerce offers businesses an endlesss sea of new opportunities. And with the increasing popularity of e-commerce, just about every business will be lured to dive into the wave of online stores.

One aspect of buying that remains the same — consumers continue to shop with their emotions. According to a Forbes article about e-commerce, the preferences and attitudes towards brands are changing.

Just like traditional shopping experience, companies need to keep in mind that their engagement with a customer should include lasting impact and brand awareness. Brand impact is what e-commerce design firms can perfect, through qualified UX designers and web developers

According to a Nielsen e-commerce measurement, digital sales of consumer packed goods (CPG) reached $65.2 billion in sales, through January 2018.

There’s no doubt that e-commerce website design companies will continue to make an impact on these sales, and help businesses achieve their online sales goals. If you want to learn more about the top e-commerce design firms in Boston, keep reading below.

What E-Commerce Design Firm Is Right for You?

This list is curated and written to help you choose the best website development company for your business goals. Whether it’s helping a startup or seasoned business, these companies have excelled in customer service satisfaction and innovation. Which one will spark your interest? We invite you to find out.

Aitoc Software

For over ten years, this e-commerce law firm has exceeded client expectations.

Aictoc provides Magento development services and adapts this service on all their branches. The branches include Magento migration and platform upgrades. The Aictoc team has a solid understanding of what successful online businesses needs. They focus on your business goals and deliver accurate solutions that will help you succeed.

You shouldn’t hesitate if you think your e-commerce development initiative is complex. This senior firm is reliable and ready to take on any scope of your process. Since they carry out Magento 2 migration service, your retail or business won’t have trouble switching to the latest commerce platform.

Third & Grove

If your team has a problem with an underperforming site or backend that makes you loos your patience, Third & Grove is your ideal solution. This digital agency excels in the Website UX Design and Development category. Their experience has allowed them to work with enterprise clients to develop award-winning web experiences in Shopify – as well as in Drupal.

Some of their clients include brands like World Vision International, Mint, and Benefit Cosmetics. Third & Grove focuses their engineer efforts on solving user problems that have a direct impact on revenue and engagement.


This forward-thinking digital agency focuses on building scalable websites for its clients. According to Trelli’s CEO, Isaiah Bollinger, the firm’s tactical approach focuses on four targets:

  1. Strategy
  2. Design
  3. Technology and Operations
  4. Post-launch maintenance and marketing

Their strategic services range from scoping out a project to helping clients come up with strong digital strategies.

Apart from offering solutions on platforms like Magento, they offer CMS solutions on platforms like Hubspot and WordPress. The firm also offers AWS services and hosting for clients. Additionally, they build custom web applications for internal and external customer-facing purposes.

HTML Panda

Something that makes HTML Panda stick out from the competition is it’s Magento solution price range. The firm is well versed in providing innovative Magento themes and modules, as well as PSD design conversion for retail stores.

For a starting price of $219, this firm designs Google-friendly and high-performance HTML, CMS, or eCommerce websites. After finishing a project and bringing a website to live, the project is protected under 30 days of free support.

The customer service guarantee that HTML Panda delivers makes it a top Front-end development company. Since 2013, they have accumulated 98% satisfaction by 8,000 clients. Some of their clients include big names like Motorola, Intel, HP, Philips, and Revlon.

Oomph, Inc.

Oomph is an e-commerce firm based in Providence, RI. Its small team specializes in web design and development for WordPress, Drupal, and UI design. One of there most notable projects included the digital media leadership for a Biotechnology Company.

Oomph’s support the client meet its digital needs, including digital marketing and analysis, social media, SEO. The improvements allowed the client’s website leads double from 30 to 60 a month.

Former Oomph clients include United Way, NBC Universal, and Spotify. The firm also received a 2019 Webby Nominee, for the best visual design for RISD Museum’s new website. The museum site was chosen as one of the best in the world in its category.

DOIT Software

Founded in 2014, DOIT Software is an American IT company with offices in California and Ukraine. DOIT focuses heavily on mobile development and helps entrepreneurs increase their sales.

This graphic design firm’s strategy is finding new customers and testing business models for startups. As a young company, DOIT Software excels at bringing out the potential in the early stages of a new business.

Its clients include small and mid-size companies like Sellvana, Inigo, and Royaltie. DOIT’s experience with startups allows it to achieve outcomes without the challenge of timezones. The company has helped partners in Canada, Australia, Norway, and Hong Kong.

A Design Firm’s Promise Of Excellence

Despite the excellence proven by the six firms mentioned above, it’s important to recognize PearTree Designs’ 20 plus years of creative leadership in the greater Boston-area. PearTree offers every service a company needs to make sense of their digital campaign. With decades of trusted relationships with leading vendors, PearTree Design continues to offer:

  • Expert graphic design services
  • Website and app design services
  • Brand design (from logo design to promotional items)
  • Marketing strategies (e.g., print ads, copywriting, and photography)

PearTree’s consistent delivery has earned them the privilege to work for long-standing industries. The firm has created outstanding work for companies like The Good Earth Organics, an organic soil manufacturer, Tedeschi Food Shops, and Renewal by Andersen Windos. In 2019, PearTree Design was named Top Performing B2B Company in Boston, by Clutch.

Clutch collects market insights, through data and case studies and gives business recommendations to its clients.

The Impact of E-Commerce

Choosing the correct e-commerce design firm for your business is not an easy task. Hopefully, this list gave you a quick understanding of the top firms in Boston to start.

Every business has a unique project need, so it’s crucial that before reaching out to a firm, you research your budget and goals.

A clear strategy will help you find the firm best suited for your needs. After that step, you can sit back and let your firm partner draw your online business’s success. So choose wisely.

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