Brochure Design – 3 Critical Ways Quality Trumps Budget

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The title of this article may be somewhat misleading… let’s keep in mind that choosing a brochure design firm does NOT have to mean sacrificing budget for quality. In fact, quality invariably equates to a reasonable budget, when one considers the ultimate savings of time & money, and the benefits of impressive results.

But the opposite is rarely true; if you’re choosing a brochure design firm based on budget alone, you will not only sacrifice quality, but you’ll likely end up shelling out far more of your precious budget dollars in the long run.

Remarkable Brochure Design

Your company brochure design is a window into your business. This all-important component of your marketing materials must reflect your business in look and feel, immediately represent your company’s level of expertise, and powerfully compel readers to venture further inside – all within a single glance of the viewer’s eye.

Not surprisingly, this is simply NOT going to happen if your brochure design is shoddy, outdated, or not in sync with the focus of your business and that of your target market.

Knowing the level of importance your brochure design carries, why would anyone consider spending valuable company funds for rinky-dink results? It will only cost them more for less… not a practical (nor profitable) decision for their business.

Here are 3 critical factors to consider when hiring a brochure design firm:

  • Quality First. Have you ever picked up a brochure that looks as if it was created in Word by your neighbor’s teenager, and printed at home on colored construction paper? The company in the brochure may well be reputable, great at what they do, and ultimately a terrific fit for whatever your needs, but you’ll never know it by glancing at that low-budget brochure design. Your company’s first impression is your branded marketing materials – don’t let your business be represented by a poor quality introduction.
  •  Originality. Do you want to spotlight YOUR business, or merely join the ranks of the “bulletin board” advertisers who are satisfied to post their message with a few boring stock images tossed in for good measure? Consumers have “been around the block”; they’re growing increasing weary of the same old tired clip art graphics they see again and again. Command their attention with something new, and something that is specifically YOU, and you’ll be certain to pique their interest in a far more effective way.
  • Design for Results. It’s great to have a ‘pretty’ brochure design with intricate and colorful accents… but can consumers read it? Does it grab their eye and tell your story in an instant? Or is it bogged down with ornamentation and detail that only serves to confuse the viewer? Remember, this is not an art exhibit; you have but a split second to make your impression. You want your brochure design to be pleasing to the eye, but be mindful that first and foremost, your design must immediately reach out and grab your viewer’s attention.

So how do these factors apply to budget?

It’s simple. If you miss out on potential customers (or worse yet, steer them away) by representing your business with low-budget materials, you’re missing out on untold profits. And when you realize the results of such a decision, you’ll spend even more of your budget dollars having to re-create your brand all over again. Paying for quality brochure design from the start will ensure a less expensive and more profitable outcome for your efforts.

The Best Brochure Design Firm for Quality AND Budget

If your business is in dire need of a well-branded brochure design, (or your current brochure is sadly outdated), PearTree Design can help! Whether you’re ready to make your brochure design decision now, or you’re just shopping around for the moment, why not take a simple first step by getting some information about pricing, and a time frame for your brochure project? Having this info handy will save you time and effort when you’re ready to see your brochure design through to creation.


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