Graphic Design Explained

I get this question a lot: “So, what does a graphic designer do, exactly?” The technical answer: “Graphic design is the discipline by which a creative artist renders a visual [...]

The Cost of Graphic Design

That’s a common question, but not really the right question because to answer it correctly, you have to ask about five more. It’s not any different than asking “What does a car cost?” Well, what [...]

The Different Types of Graphic Design

This is a question which has a variety of different answers, depending on who’s doing the talking. Artists will talk about the difference between contemporary graphic design and modern graphic [...]

Cohesive Branding for Marketing Success

How brand design sends the most powerful message Regardless of a businesses’ logo, the most important component to marketing success is cohesive branding; the collective look, feel and [...]

A Complete Brand Design Project

Stellar Building Controls Chose PearTree Design To Complete Their Brand Re-Design Celebrating 25 years in business, Huntington Controls (based in Massachusetts), has established itself as the [...]

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