Graphic Design Explained

The short answer is that graphic design is the discipline by which creative artists employ a variety of graphic arts techniques to render a visual representation of an idea.

Or, more simply, the client thinks it, and the artists have to interpret it, understand it and create it. — and then make it work in a commercial setting so that consumers can feel it. Good contemporary graphic design lives in our daily lives in little moments, like the sigh of relief from a mom with three hungry kids in the car when she sees the McDonald’s Golden Arches, or the sense of comfort when we reach for the pink bottle of Pepto Bismol. These colors and symbols form a connection in our minds to the things we feel daily.

And when we marry graphic design to what a client wants his customers to feel, it’s the ultimate expression of that brand.

For instance, when Ridley Scott was preparing his production of the first Alien film, he wanted the mood of looming terror to be in every element of the picture. So, he asked Swiss painter HR Giger — famous for his rock and roll album covers in the 1970s — to design not only the Alien but also the ships and architecture that would be used in the film. The results of that work won  Giger an Oscar for his efforts. Moreover, when other directors — like The Terminator’s James Cameron — took over the Alien film franchise, they kept Giger’s signature look for all 7 of the franchise’s films, defining the brand for more than a generation.

That is what modern graphic design can do — create and establish a brand that delivers an emotional punch that cannot be mistaken for anything else.

When we work with clients, we attempt to immerse ourselves in their culture as means by which we can discover the most essential elements of your brand, and then translate them into vibrant, indelible images that function not in spite of their commercialism, but like the Golden Arches, because of it.

Your logo is not just a logo to us. It’s the touchstone that consumers will recognize when they engage your company. Your advertisement isn’t just created to be slapped in a magazine, a billboard or a Website to fill up the appropriate amount of space. It’s a piece of art intended to make your customers want to reach out to you because your brand represents something of value to them. Your Website is more than just a digital footprint. It’s your virtual storefront intended to invite and welcome new customers to your real-world door.

At the end of the day, we aren’t a cookie-cutter creative firm. To us, all graphic design is custom graphic design, and it’s the way we enter the world of your brand. Each project is as individual and unique as a fingerprint or a butterfly. No two are the same, and it is always our intent to use it to do more than identify your brand, but instead, to inspire people to engage it.


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