Why Do I Need Custom Graphic Design?

For us, there isn’t any other kind.

That’s not to say there aren’t freelancers and agencies who re-use older work or repurpose past designs to save time and effort. They offer standard packages with set rates and have a cookie-cutter process. We’re merely saying we refuse to do that.

With Peartree, every graphic design project — from the smallest logo project to the most comprehensive brand guide — starts with a blank piece of paper, an open mind and a lot of listening.

For our clients, working with a graphic designer means taking part in our process, asking questions, answering questions and telling us about the elements of your business that inspire you. We bet that if something inspires you to get up in the morning and go to work, there’s a spark in there that could serve to get people off their couches and through your doors. Your business is not derivative, so your brand’s visual representation shouldn’t be, either.

We understand how tempting it is to “borrow” from other brands and other graphic imprints we all see in the mainstream media. When the ALS Foundation launched its “Ice Bucket Challenge” raising millions of dollars, every other not-for-profit attempted to come up with similar campaigns in an attempt to “go viral.” Most failed, and we know why. Looking like someone else’s brand identity can cause confusion for consumers and turn them off because no one likes a copycat. It’s not like the other burger joints in town say “We’re like McDonald’s, only better.” Instead, they want to craft identifiable graphic design assets that can’t be mistaken for anyone else’s brand.

Our process is more like a legal consultation than a typical vendor engagement because we don’t sell any products. Like attorneys, our expertise and experience are our primary assets, and we work in the court of public opinion, which has no rules and is far less forgiving than the legal system. In that sense, we’re as interested in what our clients want as we are in what their customers want because our work is being used to escort them through your front door.

The “evidence” we use to make your case resides in our tools — fonts, illustrations, renderings, photographs, paintings and IDEAS. Collaboration is key because each of our clients has a unique vision for their brands, and our job is to create a visual representation of those core ideas and beliefs that make each brand compelling in their own ways.

And when we make your case for you, we aren’t interested in swaying 12 people or one judge. We want to win over every potential customer with a visual message that represents the essence of your brand in a meaningful and compelling manner. After all, every marketing campaign is like making a prima facie case in court. We are trying to help you convince potential customers that they should trust you and spend their money with you. If we help you make a good case, you’ll see the verdict in your bottom line.


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